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Roll top Baths

Personally there is nothing more I like than having a soak in my bath, with a book, and music in the background, preferably Tamla Motown.  

Having spent a lot of time on Twitter this week, (work related I assure you), I couldn't help but notice how popular free standing roll top baths are.  They come in a variety of materials from cast acrylic, cast iron to the warm looking copper.  The rounded edges soften your bathroom's look and having the taps at the side of the bath gives the impression of a longer looking bath.

Thinking about a new Kitchen


The shape of Kitchens has changed so much over the decades, the usual for now is long drawers, rounded edges, and space allowing, an island.  


Worktops are coming in all sorts of materials and finishes.  Do you go for cool, elegant Marble, or cosier look Solid Wood, choices choices.


Open shelving and extras like Wine Racks elevate the look and feel of your Kitchen into something far more grand, and are very appealing to prospective buyers.


Updating your Bathroom

It maybe the smallest room in the house, but it is the most used. Everyone in your household from the eldest to the youngest uses it every day, so when it comes to the time to think about upgrading there are many things to take into consideration. Buying high quality products is a sound investment as it will save you money in the long run.

If space allows, install side by side basins so that 2 family members can share the bathroom, which is useful during busy mornings before school and work.


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