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Roof Leaks

Do you have any staining on any of your ceilings? Could it be caused by leaks perhaps coming from your roof? It won't get better by itself and will be causing more unseen damage as time goes by. Water will travel and find the weakest spot.

The first thing you should get checked are your gutters. If they are not clear there is nowhere for the water to go. Pick a rainy day, grab your umbrella and spend a few minutes looking at your guttering. You should not be seeing any water spilling over the top or drips coming from the joints between sections of guttering.

The Importance Of Good Property Maintenance

Caring for your property properly means ensuring that it is kept in good order. Properties that are run down or require work are not appealing to potential tenants, and whether you enjoy the benefits of maintenance as part of a property management contract or a dedicated maintenance contract, you should ensure that you have such a contract in place.

Maintenance services can be as simple as clearing gutters of leaf litter, while more complex services can include damp diagnosis surveys or even structural work.

Effective Property Maintenance Protects Landlords’ Investments

Effective property maintenance contracts enable landlords to protect their investment on many levels. Obviously, maintenance ensures that property value is retained, and they can even help increase the value of a particular property. A landlord may want to liquidate their assets in the future, and resale value of the property will be especially important at this point.


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Charles Byron is a team of friendly, reliable and professional tradesmen who work to maintain property and manage refurbishment projects for private homeowners, management agents and professional landlords.  Find out more About us.