How To Choose A Good Quality Property Maintenance Service

Choosing a good quality and professional property maintenance service is as important as deciding that you require regular maintenance for your property. Whether you have a single house, a multi-occupancy residence, or numerous office and commercial buildings, you will want to ensure that your entire portfolio is kept in the highest possible standard.

Choosing the right property maintenance service means opting for one that provides the type and level of service you specifically need, one that is responsive and answers calls quickly, and one that can provide emergency repairs if required. The company you choose should have experience and should be insured when working on your property.

Services Provided:

Routine Cleaning – If you have office buildings, other commercial property, or residential properties with communal areas, then routine cleaning can be considered a part of property maintenance. Good cleaning can prevent damage and will ensure that your tenants are not put at any risk of illness or injury.

Specialist Cleaning – Unfortunately, some forms of cleaning are not usually covered by a standard cleaning contract. Graffiti, flood and fire damage, and even the removal of chewing gum from the car-park may be important to your property portfolio. If so, ensure that the company you use offers these and other specialist cleaning services.

Interior And Exterior Repairs – The interior of your property isn’t the only area that will require regular repairs or cleaning. The exterior of a property is the face of the property and whether you have residential or commercial tenants they will want a good looking exterior as well as a safe, secure, and clean exterior to your property.

Emergency Callout – Not all maintenance is planned. If a tenant contacts you because they have burst pipes or a cupboard is hanging off the wall then you will need a property maintenance service that responds quickly to emergency calls.

Responsiveness And Communications

The responsiveness of a property maintenance service is essential to judging its quality. An unresponsive company will not only cause annoyance but it could mean that work is not completed in a timely manner.

Communication is vital to any business, but especially to a service provider. It can seem difficult to judge responsiveness, but use testimonials and your initial communications with a vendor to determine how quickly they respond to queries and communication.

Emergency Calls

Not all maintenance requirements are planned; emergencies do happen, and when it comes to property damage, emergencies usually require fast action. Your maintenance providers should offer some form of emergency call system so that you can enjoy fast responses to your most urgent enquiries.

Competitive, Reasonable Contract Prices

In an ideal world, money would be no object when choosing and paying for any kind of supplier or service provider. However, in the real world, it is important that you get value for money especially with ongoing contracts like a property maintenance contract.

If you use other property management services, then you may be able to combine these with a maintenance contract. Do compare costs, and consider the actual services that you require and will receive, to ensure that you get the best value for money when negotiating the contract.

Experienced, Licensed, Insured, Maintenance Services

Experience counts for a lot with property maintenance. An experienced service will be able to more readily and quickly identify any possible problems, before they become a major fault.

Any maintenance service provider should have the appropriate liability insurance because this protects you, your tenants, and the service provider themselves. Always ask to see copies of insurance documents and any relevant certification or license to be certain that you really are getting what you pay for and what you require.

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